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Roscoe Mitchell’s Conversations II With Craig Taborn and Kikanju Baku

Roscoe Mitchell is an unmistakably unique icon of modern composition and jazz and with the second installment of Conversations is as engaging as the first.  Sonic exploits of originality and grace navigate navigate between both improvisational genius and melodic mastery. Joined by versatile keyboardist Craig Taborn (ECM Records) and percussionist Kikanju Baku, Roscoe creates a […]

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Roscoe Mitchell — Conversations I with Craig Taborn and Kikanju Baku

artists: Roscoe Mitchell Buy now: | amazon | Legendary Composer and Musician Roscoe Mitchell returns for his Second Record with Wide Hive Records and brings in ECM recording artist and keyboardist Craig Taborn and International Percussionist Kikanju Baku for 10 amazing new original compositions. Buy now: | amazon |

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Wide Hive Players – Turnstyle

artists: Wide Hive Players Buy now: | amazon | 10 new compositions from the Wide Hive Players written by Matt Montgomery and Gregory Howe featuring Calvin Keys on guitar Mike Rinta on Trombone, Doug Rowan on Sax and Thomas McCree and Josh Jones on drums. Buy now: | amazon |

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Calvin Keys – Electric Keys

artists: Calvin Keys Buy now: | amazon | Calvin Keys has toured and performed with many of the most notable names in jazz and soul music including being in the Ray Charles Band, Ahmad Jamal’s band, John Handy and many, many more. Here and now, Calvin has returned to Wide Hive with his first solo […]

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Roscoe Mitchell – Duets with Tyshawn Sorey and Special Guest Hugh Ragin

artists: Roscoe Mitchell Buy now: | amazon | “One of the top saxophonists to come out of Chicago s AACM movement of the mid-60s, Roscoe Mitchell is a particularly strong and consistently adventurous improviser long associated with the Art Ensemble of Chicago.” –All About Jazz Legendary Jazz Composer Roscoe Mitchell debuts on Wide Hive Records […]

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Larry Coryell – The Lift

Larry Coryell - The Lift

artists: Larry Coryell Buy now: | amazon | “Larry Coryell’s name isn’t bandied around much now, but in the 1970s he was almost as big a guitar star as John McLaughlin, and an equivalent influence on the development of early electric jazz-rock fusion … Coryell’s crackling uptempo bursts and engagingly rough-hewn energy give this familiar […]

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Throttle Elevator Music

artists: Kamasi Washington, Lumpy, and Matt Montgomery Buy now: | amazon | “A collective of talented in-house players from San Francisco-based label Wide Hive. Producer and label owner Gregory Howe, who clearly has a great ear, has penned a striking selection of soul-fused jazz tracks for his house band.” –BBC Music magazine Read another glowing […]

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Larry Coryell with the Wide Hive Players

“Larry Coryell with the Wide Hive Players was like liquid honey. The blend of Larry Coryell’s masterful guitar playing and the band’s flavor blended together for a hypnotic listening experience.” — Dana Right, muzicreviews.com

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“Ranelin and his ensemble are completely committed on Perseverance where disciplined technical craft and expansive, melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic possibilities are presented as a musical language. Combined together with his requisite empathy and subtlety, this album defines Ranelin as a true jazz master.” — Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

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Wide Hive Players II Guitar

“This is a refreshing soul jazz classic that basks in West Coast sunshine.” –BBC Music magazine

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Wide Hive Players

“The Wide Hive Players are a collective of talented in-house players from the San Francisco-based label Wide Hive Records. Producer and label-owner Gregory Howe, who clearly has a great ear, has penned a striking selection of soul-fused jazz tracks for his house band. From surprisingly fast drum intros, to gorgeous gutsy horn harmonics, which in the case of Mending Gravity have a curious dirge-like feel, this disk is topped off by Thomas McCree’s rippling B3 organ. Producer- led UK labels such as Tru Thoughts have drawn in a wide net of music fans- this Stateside band deserves to do likewise.” — BBC Music Magazine

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Mike Rinta Eponymous

Trombone virtuoso Mike Rinta made his name backing up scores of Jazz and Funk stars such as Sly & the Family Stone, Herbie Hancock, Buddy Guy, and Otis Clay as well as Carlos Santana, Neil Schon, Philip Bailey, legends Jerry Garcia and Bob Wier and The New Orleans All Stars. His aptly titled debut record […]

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LIVE! Reminiscence

“REMINISCENCE is in the fine tradition of groove-laden modal jazz with heavy Pan-African undercurrents….The band stretches out on a solid rendition of Miles Davis’ ‘Solar’…” — Jazz Times

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Phil Ranelin Living a New Day

Living a New Day is Phil Ranelin’s second solo effort on Wide Hive Records. The release, marked with tones of renewed inspiration, was born out of the artist’s near fatal automobile accident in November of 2005. Featuring five new songs and a fresh rendition of Kenny Dorham’s Blue Bossa, the material melds soul and jazz […]

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JRK Jessica Cooke

“Excellently produced and pressed, this is well, exactly what the title says it is. Maybe from Oakland, could be from Guam, who knows? This is one of those rare beauties that ends up in the bag after a red wine social.” –XLR8R JRK returns with his second album on Wide Hive Records, featuring eight cuts […]

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Release Date: October 10, 2006

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Salsa Blanco Gregorio Howe y Compadres

“Stunning jazzed Latin soul and salsa compositions to take you “…into the urban wilderness and beautiful cacophony that is California’s preeminent barrio.” — San Francisco Bay Times

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Vertical Clearance

“At times, his fluid fingerpicking threatened to free itself completely from its rhythmic moorings and escape the building into the night sky.” – EAST BAY EXPRESS

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Primal Deconstruction

Thumbnail image for Primal Deconstruction

“Following dissent’s critically acclaimed third release “Swap Meet Seers” from 2004 is Primal Deconstruction, its finest release to date. Encompassing tribal influences from around the world, producer and artist Gregory Howe draws from these influences and blends them together with his funk hip-hop foundations to create a truly inspired sound.” — XLR8R

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Cubik and Origami

Cubik and Origami’s self titled debut weaves sexy downtempo goodness with the funky flip of head bopping house. The vibe is mellow and warm as the duo plays guitar, bass, Rhodes, vintage synthesizers and live percussion along with the traditional production tools of samplers and decks. — URB

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Cubik and Origami EP II

artist: Cubik and Origami From the direction of Electronic duo’s such as Kruder and Dorfmeister and Beaver and Krause comes Wide Hive’s latest find, Cubik and Origami. Being both D.J.’s and musicians, Cubik and Origami balance up-tempo dance grooves with chill downtempo and weave together a solid debut effort that is reminiscent of early Kraftwork […]

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Cubik and Origami EP I

“Cubik and Origami and Wide Hive are taking us to the next era of the hip hop and jazz, and it’s up to us to either help them, or get out of their way.” — Heavy Contact

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No one will mistake Mayhemystics Outbreaks for a straight-ahead hard bop date; this isn’t a group of retro-boppers playing John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” followed by Sonny Rollins’ “Pent-Up House” and Charlie Parker’s “Ornithology.” But V.U.’s members do sound like they might have been checking out electric Miles Davis, mid-’70s Roy Ayers, or Lonnie Liston Smith’s Cosmic Echoes. — Billboard.com

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Plate Fork Knife Spoon

Plate, Fork, Knife, Spoon are the rhythm section behind the Crown City Rockers (ex-Mission) crew.

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Bullet Proof’s Back

Release Date: 011/20/04

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“From the progressives at Wide Hive comes this surprisingly tame, almost traditional set of genteel post-bop jazz. Ranelin is an unsung trombone hero of the 1970 Detroit free-funk, but here he settles into a relaxed, burnished mood…” — XLR8R

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Sunset Salvage (formerly Sunset Scavenger)

“Percussion-heavy dance floor gems meet mind expanding beats, all covered with thick layers of bass and strings. Songs like “Midnight Crewsade” and “Floorwax” share that 70’s soul groove and have enough boogie to keep the b-boys in check. The ever so versatile Lyrics Born delivers top notch lyricism and breath control on the go-go friendly “Hands Up.” On the other side of the Sunset, you’ll find the spellbinding “Cormorant” and “Listen Hear” that will leave you blazed for days. Imagine if the Beastie Boys recruited DJ Shadow to help make Check Your Head and you’ll get a better understanding of how these tunes flow.” — Beatbots

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“The sound on this album is simply amazing. It lulls the listener intoa comfort zone and then raises the stakes. The intensity is constant throughout, but it becomes apparent only now and then. Ah, the benefits of fine crafting. Quite a diving organic experience.” — Aiding & Abetting

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Soul Remixes

Release Date: 02/24/04

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Wide Hive Remixed Limited Edition 10″

track listing Side A Dissent – Electric Company (Tommy Guerrero Remix) Side B DJ Zeph – Transmitter (J. Boogie Remix) Dissent – Corporate Voodoo (Cookin with Kurt Remix) 10″ Release Date: 02/17/04

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Swap Meet Seers

Buy now: itunes | amazon | giant peach track listing 1. Time Trekker 2. Je Me Souviens 3. Coming of Wage 4. Somewhere Up There 5. Where Lost is Found 6. Off-Kilter 7. Dangling Strings 8. Buhdust 9. String Theory 10. Angels 11. Draft 2005 12. L’ame Celeste CD Release Date: 9/21/04 Buy now: itunes […]

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Cold Flow

“…a hypnotic album of stitched up ultra-modern soul/jazz you’ll probably never hear in Starbucks, because it requires too much thought.” — Jason Thornberry, cosmik.com

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Wide Hive Remixed

Wide Hive Remixed, a solid CD in both diversity and quality. Kickin’ it most are the remixes of dissent tracks, with Ticklah’s dirty hip hop take on “Rudy” and DJ Eli’s jazzy organ grinding mix of “Bleeding Together” leading the way. — Justin Kleinfeld, CMJ

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Force of Life

Buy now: itunes | amazon artist: open thought Side A 1. Force of Life w/Michael Irwin 2. Force of Life Instrumental 3. Force of Life Universal Remix Side B 1. Cold Cut 2. Cold Cut Instrumental 3. Foce or Life Universal Remix Instrumental 4. Beat Box Sounds 12″ Release Date: 10/21/03 Buy now: itunes | […]

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Floor Wax

Release Date: 08/26/03

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Handbook for the Apocalypse

A voice of freedom and the most conscientious album of the year.
– Straight No Chaser

Handbook is a powerful throwback to an era when rap and spoken word mattered and when voices refused to be silenced or censored.

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Bleeding Together

Buy now: itunes | amazon | giant peach artist: dissent Bleeding Together, named for the different genres it blends, takes a departure from jazz-funk and fuses electronica, world music, and down tempo, while maintaining an organic texture and raw energy. The cover art is a morphed composition of all the different musicians that played on […]

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Seven Grain

Thumbnail image for Seven Grain

“This is the disk you want to put on when you get home from a hard day at work. Funky strings and a brassy edge will melt away all your tensions. A solid contribution to the Bay ARea-centered live hip-hop/jazz sound phenomenon.” — URB

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Detours into Unconscious Rhythms

“Detours Into Unconscious Rhythms stands with Keys’ finest solo moments on Black Jazz; with the exception of the DJ scratching in places, one would never be able to distinguish what year this slab was waxed.” — Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

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DJ Zeph

DJ Zeph has continued to reach successful heights, ever since his critically acclaimed debut on Wide Hive Records in 2001. The momentum has continued with Zeph taking home the honor as “best DJ/Turntablist” at the SF Weekly Music Awards in 2002. and now sits firmly alongside Little Brother, Wildchild, and GE-OLOGY as an Urb Magazine next 100 artist for 2003. Zeph’s latest single offers two new tracks off his yet to be titled sophomore album, due in early 2004 on Wide Hive Records.

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Original Release Date: 08/11/98
Second Pressing Date: 08/25/01

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