August 11, 1998


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artist: dissent

Dissent’s self-titled album marked the first release in the Wide Hive library and received international recognition. The debut album by dissent is a jazz funk classic. Featured musicians on the album include jazz guitar supremo Calvin Keys, Ron E. Beck, Tim Hyland, Michael Rinta, Alisa Owen, Jessy Seamore, and J.D. Smith.

Babak Tondre  and Gregory Howe  Composers/Producers

track listing

1. Thoughts of Freedom
2. So Damn Phisticated
3. Boundary
4. Corporate Voodoo
5. Sound is God
6. Dissent
7. Bringing it on
8. Apollo
9. 925
10. Outcast
11. Dissentegrate

Original Release Date: 08/11/98
Second Pressing Date: 08/25/01

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